International Competition of Saandsculptures Leipzig - Germany June 2009

Sculpture set made of sand by Gisele Prata Real and Sergio Luciano Pinto, representative team of Brazil in the International Competition of Sandsculptures, occured in the city of Leipzig - Germany, in June of 2009. Measure: 5 meters of height and 16m² of area.
The sculpture is called “ the Bicho Papão in the childish imaginary”.
It represents the legend, well-known in Brazil as the Bicho Papão, fictitious figure who comes during the night on the roofs of the houses catching the children who had not been obedient, or those who said lies and do not sleep at the right hour. The Bicho Papão carries a bag full of children, and what it makes with them depends of the imagination of them...

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