Minamisatsuma City – Kagoshima - Japão - 2008

This festival is in the 20th edition. It’s carried through, every year, in Minamisatsuma City – Kagoshima.
It’s organized by the local Governament, and this year (2008) the exposition was available from 2nd of June to the 6th , during the “Golden Week”. It was visited by thousands of people.

In 2008, the theme of this wonderful exposition was women whose life had world-wide repercussion.
During the night, the visitors were presented with a great and magnific show with fireworks and musical presentations.

Among the participants, there were local artists and five foreigners artists (only women) choosed between representatives of many countries in the world. The countries represented were: Russia, China, Canada, Holland and Brazil.

The sculpture of Gisele (sculptress from Brazil) was a homage to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and it was called “Living the Love”.

In the whole exposition, eighty sculptures were presented, and five of them were made by the foreigners artists.

“Living the Love”, sculpture in homage to Mother Teresa, of Calcutta.

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