Sesc - Santos

Participation as an invitation, in the Event “Permanent Transition, the expanded space”, hold in Sesc, from 12/11/2008 until 14/12/2008, with the sculpture “passante in sand” which shows a man who frequented the entity regularly, and known as Mr. Tough (the nickname was acquired in this youth, when he was the champion of ornamental jumps).

Today, with 86 years, he practises bocha in SESC.
The process of construction of the sculpture was followed by the public, who became impressed to see the famous Mr. Tough transformed into sand!

This work had the participation of the sculptor Cláudio, who was responsible for the sculpture of all the letter's part and the game of bocha. Gisele was responsible for the retraction of Mr. Tough.
It was an excellent and pleasant partnership! We made a good team.

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