Exposition "Brazil - 500 years - in Sand Sculptures "

          It´s about the biggest theme park of the world, fulfillment to commemorate the 5th Centenary of Discovery of Brasil, in São Vicente – S.P.(first city of Brasil). Giant monument  wich between the canaries showed the history of Brasil since its discovery until nowadays. It´d a great mundial repercussion, staying for one year and 3 months in exposition, being visited for thousand of people, many of them from abroad.
         The park occupied an area of around 14000 m² full of sculptors in real size.
         The first cenary showed up the “Caravel with Pedro Alvarez Cabral”, and then it passed to many others, in a sequence, between then, the “Catechesis of Indians by Father Anchieta”,  the “Signature of the Áurea´s Law by Princess Isabel”, the “Proclamation of  Independence”, the “Proclamation of Republic”, and then it goes, until nowadays.
There was space to honour the sons of Brasil too, as Pelé, Santos Dumont, Ayrton Senna, Aleijadinho, etc.
         That was a successful work, wich causis the inclusion of São Vicente in the itinerary of many agencies of turism. Daily, around 10 buses stopped to visit the exposition.

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