Using sand to communicate...

Sand’s sculpture is an excellent tool of communication, not only for its beauty, but for the magic that it owns. The curiosity and the perplexity that it causes, increase the potential of communication and attract a great public.
As spectators, follow the sculpture-making is already very attractive.

People become skeptics: How that small particle of sand can start to be an impressive figure?
Sand, which is a natural element, is being used, even more, as an artistic material. It’s the “ephemeral art” that is growing and conquering people all around the world.

Awesome resource, with too many advantages:
Sand’s sculpture can be made in many dimensions, from the smallest until gigantic works; It can be made in both environment, external or internal, and it can be adapted to each objective or situation.
The sculpture can last the desirable time, since some hours until years. A special illumination can stand out the ambient during the night.

Who can be interested in this kind of communication?
Anyone who wants to record its name in the mind of the public. Those, who have already seen a sand sculpture, never forget it.

How it can be used?
There are many ways to use it. Sand, as a material, can become any figure and the sculpture can be made anywhere. Which is the limit? It’s your imagination.

- Events and promotions – Brahma beer, Soccer and Samba!

Logomark and Products

Action of marketing and advertising for the Brahma

in beaches of the coast of São Paulo

in January and February of 2009, with the

subject: Brahma, soccer and samba.

- Promoters and launching of products or trademarks

Kingston Campaign

Decorate strategic areas

to become known and have

your campaign appreciated.

Logomark and Products
SBP Campaign
Logomark and Products

- companies – As a dynamic activity to the workers, to divulge the logo mark or to cast a new product.


As a workshop, to divulge

the logomark or

casting a new product.

- hotels – As entertainment to customers or to decorate parties or environments.
- shoPkeepers – Decoration of the show-room.


Decorate your store.

- tradesman – Sand sculpture attracts a great public to the establishment.
- shopping mall – As decoration in holidays. For example, Christmas’s Crib.


Decorate your area with

festive themes or promotions.

- schools Through workshops of art to the students or to promote the name of the institution by festivals, expositions or in a strategic place; although, the institution’s logo mark can be done.


The workshop can take

place in the courtyard,

even if in the room.

- clubs
- Companies of Marketing/Publicity
- Organizers of events/Fairs/Congress
- group dynamics
- Companies of Turism
- particular or private entities
- hotels, as entertainment for customers or decoration for thematic parties/environments
- cultural events / desportive / stand decoration
- birthday and thematic parties:
- Holidays: Easter, Children’s day, Festivals of June

Strong Pros:
- Excite the Curiosity of the Media and Spectators
- visual impact
- fast execution
- Adaptive theme
- Many Dimensions
- Expressivity of the sculptures

- In addiction, it’s possible to take advantage of public’s attention with many others activities around.
- The length is adjusted with the necessities of the customer.

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